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  • 30 Aug, 2015
  • The site was repaired somewhat to what I wanted before I started messing around with the CSS stuff and accidentally lost everything I'd already posted. Not much of a loss but still annoying. With little news on the Addonchat X front and it looking immature for my needs, I have decided to go with an IRC Client, with a logger/dice bot until a better solution presents itself. Firming up the community's location, themes and staff is going on in the background and I have set a 'soft' launchdate of 1 January, 2016. This is by no means a guarantee but I have confidence that some stuff will be agreed on in time for that date as well as possibly the release of Dragonblooded. None of the pages are in a working condition at this time, but they are put in anyway as it's simpler. Contacts is up now, as is a heavily under construction forum and wiki. Please keep an eye up in the future.

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